2017 High Pass Boogie- Stew’s Report

After hosting the High Pass Boogie this year. I have come to realize there are a lot of huge hearts in our club members. We raised $13,501.20 and with matched funds from a special Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation program, it would become $27,002.40 Every year the amount keeps growing, and our Blue Ridge Parkway really needs it. Over the weekend of the HPB Rita Larkin, and Carolyn Ward were all smiles. Many thanks for their courage in taking care of our Parkway.
The volunteers this year were amazing in every way. I want to give a special shout out to Eurosport who hosted our Friday night mixer, silent auction, pre-registration, and Saturday registration. Thomas Montgomery, and his staff are huge givers to the club, and the HPB. I want to take my hat off, and give them a bow. They deserve it for all they do. Everywhere I travel, riders always seem to know about Eurosport. Make sure you get your next service, or next motorcycle from them. I know I will.
Many special thanks also go out to my wife, Chris Stewart for putting up with me, and helping me make this year better. I also can’t say enough about Beattie Logan for all the hard work he put into getting us donations for the silent auction, and door prizes. Our tables were overflowing Friday night, and everyone received a door prize at Wild Wings. We tried some different things for the HPB this year after listening to the participants from last year. It proved to be a hit, and we will continue with the new program in the future events.
This year, participants were able to choose from 5 street routes, and 1 GS route. Lee Zeis spent countless days, and hours searching for these routes, and perfecting them for GPS apps. If we had to pay Lee for these efforts, we would be giving the BRPF $0. I have ridden two of the routes so far, and both were flawless. I can’t wait to ride the others. John “JT” Thompson, and Karl Lail set up our GS route, and everyone who did this route was very impressed.
Chris Parker, what can I say about this man for his efforts? He has proved to be an awesome designer of not only the T-shirts for the HPB, but also is now designing T-shirts for the BMW MOA. If anyone has seen the HPB T-shirt for this year, you know what I’m talking about. Thanks to Chris, and if you need a Graphic Artist, please give him a try.
I also want to thank these great people for volunteering their time to make this year so great!!!
Adam Stewart, Kelli Stewart, Mike Geringer, Bill Tinsley, Frank Smith, Harry Wilson, Renee Wilson, Jim Owenby, Elwood Miles, Amy Masterman, Steve Barone, Bill Hoag, Rick Shrier, and anyone I might have forgot. We had so many people wanting to help out, and it is greatly appreciated.
This month at our meeting at Eurosport, we will be having a social with pizza, and subs. We also have some door prizes, and T-shirts left over from the HPB that we will be giving out with the purchase of a 50/50 ticket. So get your ticket, you could win half the money taken in, and some fabulous other prizes. I also hope Harry Wilson shows up to sell them. He did an awesome job Friday, and Saturday Night selling 50/50 tickets, and we need him in the future.
Once again thank you so much for all you do, and stepping up to help your club. Also please give many thanks to these volunteers when you see them, especially Thomas, and his staff at Eurosport. We couldn’t make all these events, and meetings possible without them!!!

Our donors for this Year
Eurosport Asheville, The Stewart Family, Chris, & Christie Parker, Continental Tire, Moto Skivees, Food Concepts Asheville, Biltmore House, Blue Moon Gallery, Blueridge Parkway Foundation, 12 Bones BBQ, Ingles, Wild Wings, Jeff Masterman, Fontana Lodge, Iron Horse MC Campground, Fancy Gap Cabins, and Campground, Amicalola Lodge, Cedar Hill Studio, Country Creations, Doug Alderman, Klim, June Ertl, Revit

Ride fun, Ride safe